Art Deco Interior Design

It was around 1908 when Art Deco interior design began in Europe. Art Nouveau was at that time still popular however, Paris was changing and by the end of World War I in 1914, Art Deco was the popular choice and was the leading style until the end of the second World War in 1945.

You might of heard of this particular style, or perhaps not so this page will give you some key information to understanding what the art deco style is and how you can make it work in your home.

By the 1930's, mass production of furniture and decor meant that art deco interior design was accessible to everyone.

Get the style

Art deco was influenced by the art nouveau's use of motifs depicting nature; sunrises, flowers and shells however, the once loved organically, flowing lines were replaced with geometric and angular shapes. However, curved lines were occasionally used like those in the art deco staircase above.

A fantastic example of art deco is the Chrysler Building in New York which is shown in the images below. Have a look at how shape was used to make up the stylized pattern.

Travel during the deco period became increasing popular, therefore global influences affected the art deco decor and color palette. Egyptian pyramids and sphinxes are commonly seen in art deco interior design and since African safaris were 'the thing' to do, animal skins and prints, ivory and mother of pearl were sought after.

Color: The most popular colors were glossy black, chrome, silver, yellow and red. You could also use cream, off whites, beige, oyster and shades of green.

The living room below is a stunning example of deco interiors. The colors, tones and slick style represent this era beautifully. Classic and definitely tastefully put together.

Walls: Art deco is all about symmetry and balance which you could capture using wallpaper like those in the wonderful shown in the examples below. Using a wall covering with a bold pattern looks great on just one wall rather than all walls within the room. So perhaps design yourself a deco feature wall but, remember to still create symmetry within the room.

There are some fantastic deco images available in poster form, which make great artwork when framed and hung on smoothly, painted walls. So look for some deco posters to create your own artwork. Assemble all your ideas onto your mood board.

Mirrors were a big accessory during the deco period so either big or small would make a great contribution to a wall in your room.

Floors: Parquet wooden floors with a polished finish, similar to what is shown in the staircase image, would really pull your deco look together or you could select a linoleum with an abstract design. Black and white vinyl tiles were also a popular floor finish so perhaps introduce that look as a stunning feature.

You may consider adding a stylish, geometric patterned rug into your room which could help your designs come together and hold the room with a flare of a little something, something. However, the rug should be simple and not the star attraction.

Fireplace: Art Deco fireplaces were often constructed from concrete which unfortunately means that not many have survived today. The below images show an example of a polished cast iron fireplace which was a great addition to the deco home however it was expensive. The other is made of marble and has been cut to the design typical of the fashionable geometrical, linear look that represents this style.

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