British Interior Design

Adding a touch of British interior design into your home is a great way to make a style statement.

Typically and probably the best way to introduce "cool Britannia" into your British interior design concept, is to incorporate the flag, 'the Union Jack' into your design.

The image below shows an example of the flag painted onto the whole of a wall as a mural. This would work well within in a contemporary interior concept.

British interiors at home work when elements are added sparingly. For example, lets say you incorporated the above mural onto a wall in your home, then that would be enough. More than enough of a wow! -therefore, the rest of the decor would have to be pretty neutral to make it work.

The simplest way to get a touch of cool Britannia, is to look for a few really great scatter cushions. That way there is a suggestion of this concept.

Color: RED, WHITE and BLUE of course however, please do not literally cover your home in only those colors. Look for interesting ways to introduce them.

So let's think about this style for a moment and upon reflection what comes to your mind when you think of the United Kingdom? 

Yes the flag for sure but the Queen probably is another strong and significant 'British' symbol. 

There are many ways to give your home a feeling of being 'king of the castle' or 'queen or the manor' and the crown will work a treat every time.

The image on the right let's you see how an over-sized piece of art in monochromatic, black and white print can make quite an impression.

The image below is a great example of a vintage touch of patriotism using big, bold items. Observe the color palette here and note how harmonious each interacts within the space. Overall this dining space could also be used for study and for business meetings.

Again, I've added a vintage shot to show you how grand gestures like the tennis rackets can be a wonderful and unique way to style a room. This living room is quirky however it remains formal and has been designed with sophistication according to the dynamics of what this space can hold.

Another great way to get with this concept, is to create a funky bedroom. The easiest route is choose a fantastic UK styled bed throw or quilt cover for your bedroom similar to that which you can see in the below, left image or add a rug similar to the example shown in the below, right teen bedroom. I am sure the teen occupant loves their super cool refrigerator! What a great and fun addition that is.

The bedroom below is off the scale in design. Look at how the room has be utilized to max the space available. Uber cool bedroom. The hard finishes are perfectly balanced out with the addition of the giant sized, soft flowing British flag bed throw.

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