Egyptian Wall Decor

Egyptian wall decor is inspired from the amazing history of ancient Egypt and is perfect for your home office or study area.

The enchanting mythology and archeological findings from the pyramids are a great starting point from which to gather lots of ideas for your walls.

Below is the Eye of Ra, or the Eye of Horus as it is also called. This symbol is for protection, royal power and good health. Perhaps you could have a mural of it painted directly onto your wall to create a modern, contemporary look.

The image below left lets you see how the Eye of Horus could look in a living room space. The center and right image is of the stylish design classic by George Nelson.

Below are some ideas of how to create Egyptian wall art using stencil art or sticker art. This type of artwork is a fantastic way to add a touch of Egyptian wall decor into your interior design. It is simple and looks amazing.

One of the first things that comes to most peoples immediate thoughts of Egypt is the magnificent pyramids and tales of the Pharaohs. Below are two rooms which have been styled using artwork of the pyramids. You could paint your walls in a beige or sand color to represent the desert. A textured paint finish would help you achieve an authentic look.

I love the wall in the image below left. This would look amazing in an office space or your dining area. On the right you can see how easy it is to add a little touch of hieroglyphics onto a wall to capture your look. The owl represents wisdom and knowledge. This kind of artwork would look fabulous as shown above a shelf or perhaps a doorway.

The image of the room below left, is a great example of how to display lots of brassware and heavily decorative items. This is a real show wall. You could find plates and objects like this at flee markets or bring and by sales and play around with several display options until you find the perfect balance for your wall.

The room on the right has a beautiful end wall inspired by the wings of Horus. The colors are amazing.

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