Indian Interior Design

What a wonderful and exotic concept Indian interior design is. The look and style is a reflection of a hugely diverse nation.

Indian culture is thousands of years old and holds particular interest for me. My lovely mum is an incredible yoga teacher. I studied a four year yoga diploma, so I am also a qualified yoga teacher however, I do not hold classes. I attend classes!

Back to our topic. It is possible to introduce decorative, elements into your space and maintain an uncluttered, minimalistic room. However, this style is ornate and decedant.

The image below shows a beautifully carved, wooden panel backdrop with a low height wooden table. This is a great example of Indian home decor for this concept and could look fabulous in your living room.

First of all you should collect lots of inspiring visual information and prepare your mood board. When you have all your ideas together, it is time to get going with your space.


Color: A great way to get ideas for your color palette, is to look at the warm spices from India. These rich colors reflect the vibrancy of the country and therefore this concept. They look great next to crisp, white.

- curry power

- turmeric

- cardamon

- garam masala

- cumin

The image on the right shows examples of these spices and is a good basis for your concept. Stick to the deep, burnt shades other than bright, bold colors.

Gold can also work really well within your color scheme and a turquoise blue can bring that zing into your space.

You can see how the spices really take shape in the wonderful example of an exotic interior design set out in the bedroom below.

Pattern: Along with beautiful plain, silks and stain fabrics you could integrate pattern and textured finishes into your space.

Tiles and mosaic tiles could be used or simply hang fabric on your wall and this would act as part of your artwork.

There are also fabulous wallpapers available in ranges that suit this concept so enjoy taking the time to look and mull it all over with your mood board.

Paisley is often seen through Indian styled patterns like the examples I have put below as examples.

Floor: A polished concrete floor works great in a modern, contemporary Indian interior design. Tiles, marble, granite floors are traditionally found in Indian homes and you could also use a dark stained, timber floor.

Decor: There is a wide variety of accessories and furniture available that take aspects of India into straight your home.

Statues of Hindu Gods and Goddesses made from bronze, brass, wood or GOLD look fantastic placed around an Indian styled room.

Elephants and deities of Buddha also add personality to your theme but as with all concepts, be careful not over style your room. Get your balance right and your Indian interior design will be fit for the Maharajah!

The image below shows stunning statues lined up in a hallway. I am showing you this image as another example of the depth or color used. You could use elements from this idea to achieve a similar look. Also note how lighting is ambient and sultry to help create exotic atmospheres that capture this concept.

Furniture: Dark, solid wooden furniture will really help to get this concept on the right tracks. Look for some interesting carved artwork or full panels for your space.

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