Industrial Interior Design

Every aspect of Industrial interior design matters.  So what does that mean?  Simply that this concept is based largely upon the space being honest with it's components i.e. everything from the construction to the selected furniture and items are boldly on display. That's why an open space like a loft is good for this confident style.

More or less every man-made object around you is the result of an industrial designers skill and talent whither it be a table or useable gadget like a food mixer.

As mentioned, industrial interior design is often the concept selected for loft apartments, reflecting the once was look of an old warehouse or factory. It is a growing trend to have this look and this section is all about how you can achieve industrial interiors in your home.

The image below shows how simple this design style can be.  What we have here is the use of various stools and the centrepiece light fitting

Industrial style can be an unfinished look and focuses on combining raw and pretty rough surfaces with clean, flat surfaces. It is primarily a showcase for everything related to industry and fabrication.

Make sure you plan out your industrial interior design ideas onto mood board as this will help you make important decisions to get your space looking fantastic.

This concept is often blended with minimalism therefore you should avoid having lots of furniture or object or at least be able to hide them in good well thought out storage. The image below is an example of an open loft space. Even if you do not have a space like that one, you can easily take element of this style and make it fit into your home is a wonderfully cool way.


The best thing about industrial interior design is that you can achieve the look on a budget.

You are particularly looking for old industrial looking objects that are made from steel, metal or wood. These items are preferably worn down or have been salvaged and recycled.

Below are images from an industrial style, open plan home. Have a look at the kitchen interesting light fittings and the counter which is made from steel. The brick like tiles really add that old school kitchen feel.

Color: Your color palette should steer clear of bright, bold color instead you are looking for warn, neutral tones to fill your space.

Shades and tones of gray work really great mixed up with white to add a crisp, clean look.

The image of a dining area below, right is an example of how you could adopt lighting as an element of industrial style for your home.

Key elements:

-natural exposed brickwork

-steel structure: beams, columns

-concrete: show me concrete

-rough timbers: wood

-clutter free

-great storage

-fabulous light fittings: light

-interesting furniture

Walls: should you be fortunate to have walls in your house that are unfinished or old, that is a bonus that can add to your industrial style.

For full effect you could even try to make them look even more worn.

Painted walls work best with a mix of large pieces of art hanging. I suggest to look for amazing artwork on canvas.

The images below are tip top examples of rooms with exposed brickwork.

Floor: as with minimalism a great floor option is polished concrete. That is the number one choice for industrial interiors.

It can be as rough and patchy as it wants to be and will still look awesome.

Timber or stone flooring are also good finishes that will help you achieve the industrial look.

Decor: it is the decor that brings a softness into your space so try to find some seriously comfy sofas and big scatter cushions to work along side the 'industrial' type objects.

Plants will inject life and color into any environment so look for a few really great large leaf plants and some significant pots to house them.

Below are some industrial style furniture that would work great with this concept. Industrial decorating ideas form what I would call a masculine shabby chic look. Both concepts work with the revival of older, worn out furniture and objects to enhance a space.

Industrial - masculine, hard edges, can be cold in appearance, minimal decor

Shabby Chic - feminine, softness, warm, lots of decor

Lighting: Free standing floor lamps are a wonderful source of lighting for this look. Try to add a few amazing looking pendants into your space like those you can see in the above images in this section.

Metal structured lighting is preferable so have a good look at various types and styles then decide on which will work best for your home.

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