Italian Interior Design

A few words to describe and kick start the Italian interior design page could be chic, luxurious and glamorous. This stunning concept, could transform any home into a fabulous living experience.

This particular concept covers a variety of interesting styles including Tusacn interior design which is a rustic, country look.

Italy enjoys a reputation earned by centuries of devotion to aesthetics; architecture, interior design, clothing, product design. It is culturally rich and therefore, constantly inspires us.

The below image shows a modern, living room styled with Italian decor. WOW!

Modern Italian homes are not be confused with the airy, Mediterranean styled homes. They are highly sophisticated with lots of interesting open space to indulge in and perfectly combine traditional values with a modern, up to date look.

You could easily style your entire home with this concept as it creates a wonderfully, interesting environment that never gets boring.

Firstly, get inspired by Italian style furniture and Italian decor then assemble all your ideas onto your mood board which will enable you to map our the direction you are heading.

The below living room is another example of Italian interior design. The focal point of this room is large, chandelier pendant that has a modern twist to it.


Most Italians have an eye for good design which compliments their love of home/family life very well. To help you get the essence of Italian interior design, you are building the balance of what looks great with maximum comfort and functionality.

Try to create open spaces that have lots of natural daylight as far as possible to allow your exterior mix with your interior.

Actually, Italian interior design is considerably romantic as well as super stylish. The bedrooms shown in the below images are great examples of this and clever use of lighting. Also I want to draw your attention to the classical ceilings, that have been used to their maximum potential. Traditional meeting modern.

And the image of the bedroom below shows modern meeting traditional.

Decor: Try to add good quality, contemporary furniture into your home to help you create a high-end, modern look.

You do not need to over crowd your space with lots of Italian style furniture. Instead, go for well placed, good looking items that you love.

Simple sofas and chairs work perfectly with a couple of scatter cushions BUT not many for this concept.

Italians are very good at mixing antique furniture with edgy, chic contemporary pieces so you could try that look for your home.

The open plan living space below shows the simple combo of kitchen, dining and living room. I added this image really to show you how uncluttered the space is and also to compare the ceiling with the above bedroom ceilings. This particular ceiling draws out elements of the existing, traditional plasterwork other than depicting its entirety like those above. Stunning.

Color: Start your concept off with a white/off white color palette and build from there. White is the foundation of your room and is the best backdrop for your fantastic Italian decor.

You can use a variety of color as you have seen in the images of the bedrooms above however, those examples are exceptions to the rule of thumb. I just want you to be confident to choose color, if and when you want to have it introduced into your scheme.

The image below is another stunning living room. Remember that this is an example of a room which you can easily recreate into a much smaller room. Just use elements that you really like and scale them down to fit into your home.

Floor: To reflect true Italian home design, I suggest you select a hard floor finish in timber boards, parquet, stone or tile. You can warm up your look by adding some great rugs. Look at the section on carpets to hopefully give you some more exciting ideas that will help you choose your rugs wisely.

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