Ok, be your own interior designer and lets make a moodboard. Firstly, you have to know why this is a very useful tool and what a moodboard is used for. It is one of the most important steps to help you formulate all of your big ideas and small ones too. Actually it's one of the most fun and interesting parts of the design process.

Your mood board ideas consist of everything, yes EVERYTHING that you like and dream about having in your design project, from your favorite colours, fabrics, wallpaper to floor finishes and furniture. Below is a fantastic example of a collection of various images assembled onto a wall using inspirational pages cut out from magazines. This is a great method to illustrate your favourite preferences.

It is clear from the collection above which colors would be used within a new scheme and the general feel is soft and romantic. Therefore the design concept, shabby chic would be an excellent choice or perhaps Scandinavian modern interior design would be the design style to suit this mood board.

It is always easier to begin any design with a 'brief' so I suggest that you work out which design style is your favourite and that choice would become central to your design brief. It is this information that would help you make a moodboard for your project.

Visit the professional section for lots of supportive information to help you understand and create a design brief.

Make A Moodboard

- to have a visual glimpse of my preferred design style and ideas

- define my color scheme

- to help me select my favorite furniture and lighting

- ensure it all works in balance and harmony before spending any money

- alterations made at this stage could save me a lot of money in the long run

- find out a lot more detail from Design Series 101:  eBOOKS

The mood board, similar to the example shown below right, is what interior designers and decorators make when preparing a new design. All ideas are represented and displayed visually which means that it is easy to see what needs to be tweaked until all is perfect. I adore this stage. When you are happy and have finalized your fabulous design then your next step is to make a sample board. A sample board is exactly what it says on the tin. It is a board that has small samples of each of your selected finishes displayed on it for your reference of what is going where.

1. How To Make A Mood Board:

Congratulations! It is time to create your design ideas: GET GOING

2. Mood Board:

Ideas and inspiration: WHAT GIVES?

3. How to DESIGN:

Learn all about the in's and out's of interior design: I LOVE DESIGN

Lots of detail and in depth information on making mood boards and how they are used can be accessed in DESIGN SERIES 101 - Book 5

4. Sample Board:

After making your mood board, make your sample board: SAMPLE THIS

5. House Floor Plans:

Create floor plans to assist you with your interior design ideas: MY PLAN

To visit the HOW TO section click here: leave Make a Moodboard.


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