Minimalist Interior Design

The simplicity of Minimalist Interior Design is what defines this concept.

With that in mind one of the first things you should do is have a big clear out. Minimalism is king of clutter free homes therefore in order for you to get your interior design ideas right spend some time deciding what to keep and what to let go.

There are no ifs and buts about minimalism; it is great space united with interesting furniture and is a style born from Japanese interior design where everything is reduced to only its necessary elements.

Adopt the 'Less is more' way of thinking and work with your mood boards to expand your ideas and create your unique expression of minimalist interiors.

The kitchen in the image below is a beautiful example to show you. Take note of the clean lines that bring texture into the space. A few well selected materials which 'do more with less'. Indeed something to think about.

The look is tidy and organized so make sure you have plenty of good storage. I have heard it being said that minimalism has no personality, but that is not true. This concept is about working with great finishes and fabulous materials that individually create a statement in your room. A small statement or a BIG statement, rests on how your design ideas affect your room and and with what.

TIP: Have a car-boot sale or a garage sale to make way for your new concept and at the same time, hopefully make a little extra cash to put towards your new look.

The image of the living room below shows how you can balance out your room. Note how wide the floor boards are. Interesting.


Color: White is perfect for this concept. Bright, white is the supremo choice however, off whites will work well also.

You can add any color to your room but try to work with only one feature paint color. If you love yellow, go for yellow or blue or red. As you like, but stick to one.

A neutral palette of beige, gray and wheat will do the trick so play about with your ideas until you are excited about your selection.

The example of the dining room below shows how shapes cut out from storage doors can really add to your space and actually bring some artwork and pattern into the design to complement the dark hanging canvas on the opposite wall. Quite the modern, funky room.

Walls: keep to flat painted walls preferably in white, mat emulsion. Stay clear of hanging lots of artwork, instead choose bigger pieces that are unframed and raw looking to make a bold statement. However, large framed artwork can bring a reflective look into your space. Big and striking is what you are aiming for.

Floor: I suggest to consider hard finishes like a really great timber. Parquet or patterned flooring won't actually serve you well. Choose long, length floor boards.

A polished concrete floor looks fabulous in support of minimalist interior design, as do large stone tiles in a simple grid lay.

Decor: Allow yourself to indulge in great furniture and cool, contemporary objects.

The bedroom below is a great example of how to work with this concept to achieve that tidy, open space within your room. You could add atmospheric lighting to enhance the mood within a space like this.

Lighting: huge overhang floor lamps, fantastic pendant lights, concealed lighting, LED strip lights can each become very useful elements for your minimalist interior design.

It is light that helps form the details of the materials used within your space that can really make the difference. Therefore you should give your lighting some serious thought as this will play an essential part in the message of your room. Your message, if you do not already know is, 'LESS IS BETTER'.

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