Moroccan Interior Design

The enchanting, warm look of Moroccan interior design is a delightful and captivating style for your home.  To create this concept there are a few essentials to consider which are discussed below.  This is style appeals to the senses therefore rich aromas should fill the air so why not burn some incense or a scented candle as you prepare your designs.

Having lived in Dubai for six years, it is fair to say that I find this concept dear to my heart. I absolutely adore Arabian design and pattern. It is an exciting blend of harmony, color and texture.

Enjoy preparing your mood board(s) which will help guide your ideas into your reality.

Modern Moroccan interior design is very balanced and strikingly beautiful. So the aim of this section is to help you achieve just that. This style is influenced by Arabian interior design, Spanish and French design.

The Moroccan decor shown in the image below is a good example of how atmospheric this style is with dark, rich colors.


What you are trying to achieve is a thoroughly captivating look by using warn tones, sensual lighting and down right fascinating furniture.

Color: your color palette could reflect earth tone and the warmth or a magnificent sun rise coupled with vibrant turquoise.

Deep, rich colors look fabulous, like those shown in the above image; chocolate, aubergine, and jade/olive/sage green along with silver and amber set against a wheat or beige background.

Deep sea blue and aquamarine like that you can see in the bathroom image below paired with burnt orange and neural colors also work well.

White or biscuit tones look great as a main color with the addition of many other colors used in patterns and fabrics.

An interesting color to use is hot pink mixed into a vibrant color collection. The image to the right is an great example of how to capture this idea. The room is alive with color, pattern and texture. Such an interesting space, full of design.

Decor: wrought iron furniture would certainly add to your room and of course low types of seating works a treat. Footstools like the one shown in the first image at the top of the page is a great idea to help you with this concept and they also make useful seating. The image of the bedroom below shows how you can create a plaster cast surrounding for your bed which is what you would find in traditional homes, downtown Marrakesh.

If possible create a fantastic tiled area using a Moroccan type pattern. This is an essential part of Moroccan interior design so even if you can only dedicate a small area, I recommend you do.

Tiles and mosaics add that touch of WOW into your Moroccan decor and can be used for both the walls and floors. You can also find some stunning pieces of furniture covered with mosaics.

There are some incredibly, beautiful hand made tile ranges available and if you are really clever, you will be able to find some of the real article similar to the examples shown in the image below and of those in the below kitchens.

Walls: for a real bohemian, rustic Moroccan interior design keep your walls neutral, in white or oat/beige/sand colors.

Tiles as previously mentioned would look fabulous and if you are daring you could opt for brighter, bold colors to mix into your neutral palette. The image above shows how wonderful a collection of tiles can look and below right, the kitchen splash back is a fantastic example of how it could be installed.

You could go for using a specialized paint to create a plaster finish look to your walls. The rougher, uneven finishes would add texture and character to smooth walls.

Woven tapestry's compliment this style and look great hung up on walls. This creates a very rustic look. A big mirror would also work well, as shown in the bedroom image above.

Shutters would be a great addition to your windows. It is possible to have them made to look slightly worn, almost shabby chic-esc to get that aged look.

The image below is an excellent example of Moroccan style lighting in beautiful large pendants. The colors are simple and would also look amazing within minimalistic or industrial interior design.

Lighting: Moroccan interior design lighting is really special. Not only does it create an ambient, seductive space, it also has the wonderful addition of pattern splashed out into the room during the evenings when switched on.

Look for interesting pendants that can be hung at various height levels. You could select a magical assortment of colorful glass shades or keep them in simple, muted tones.

Typically the light fittings are made of bronze, copper and wrought iron and they look outstanding when used as a run in a long hallway or above a large, low table in a living room or perhaps a collection of smaller pendants hung above the table at your dining area similar to those shown in the above image of the dining room would add that perfect Moroccan touch to your home.

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