Scandinavian Interior Design

The look of modern Scandinavian interior design is an intriguing mix of new and exciting design ideas with the look of older, distressed furniture much like the items found in the concept shabby chic.

The bedroom shown in the image below lets you see an example of this mix. The decor is modern with a well developed headboard that acts as the focal point of the room however, have a look at the desk. It is an aged item which sits in the room comfortably because the color and tone match what is happening within the design.


The overall design of this concept should be charming and comfortable, lived-in spaces that which have the look of love behind each of your choices.

Fill your mood board with lots of wonderful ideas to reflect how you feel about your home and the thrilling look of Scandinavian interior design.

Scandinavian interior design is most likely what you would find in my home. I adore bright, clean spaces with lots of interesting items to look at. It is homely and captivating to the senses.

The images of the dining rooms which you can see below, show an eclectic collection of furniture and how to mix up older items with new ones. Learn how to paint furniture by clicking here: PAINT

Color: the Scandinavian color palette generally consists of white, off whites, soft dove grey and soothing tones of nature.

Pastels work well in Scandinavian interior design and contributes a softness to a room.

White will help define your space and make your room(s) look bigger, brighter and leaves you open to add in your favorite colors.

The image below shows a Scandinavian style living room which demonstrates how much white and shades of white are involved to create the magic of this concept. It is the brightness of the spaces that help lift the mood of the long, dark winters in Sweden and the surrounding regions. Note the position of the floor light which would provide good atmospheric lighting in the evenings.

Walls: easy peasy, your walls should be painted bright white. In addition to the brilliant white walls look for some inspiring artwork to hang.

Preferably choose modern artwork to help identify your blend of old and new.

Floors: timber flooring is the favored option so you should go for good quality wooden floorboards. White flooring looks amazing with this concept however, a light blonde could work just as well. One of my rooms at home is mainly white however, the floor is a dark walnut and this contrast looks stunning.

Decor: much of your influence can be taken from the Swedish phenomenon, IKEA however, be creative and try to style your home with your own ideas and decorate your space with flair and imagination.

The image below is of an entrance way. Here you can see how arty this home is just by the way the artwork has been attached to the wall. I like the lightness of this space and even the rug looks washed out however, as a combo it all works ridiculously well together. The tall drawers act as good storage to conceal all your bits and bobs.

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