Southwestern Interior Design

Firstly lets be clear about what Southwestern interior design actually is so that you can recreate this style in your own home with confidence.

In short, it is a style inspired by the rich, earthy tones found in Arizona and New Mexico mixed with influences from Hispanic settlers. We see reflections of Spain and Mexico within the designs and Arizona style. The architecture of homes in the Southwestern region have large rooms, high ceilings with exposed beams and spectacularly spacious entrances. All to reflect the vast, surrounding landscape.

Color: you are looking to build a palette of paint and fabric color that speak about the natural Southwest environment.

A good starting point is to think about the tones found in the desert and create an inspired assortment of color.

Deep, muted colors of blue, red, green, terracotta and burnt orange work extremely well.

Mixing in a bold tone of turquoise can look striking and perhaps you could use a bright red to draw attention to a feature area.

The turquoise blue door in the image about shows how amazing it looks next to the earth tone. Whatever you choose, it should be warm and inviting.

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Furniture: the materials found in Southwestern interior design are inspired by nature.

Fairly plain and simple wooden furniture with mid tones of walnut or cherry work really well with upholstery in leather, suede and or woven materials look fabulous.

You can mix the upholstery finishes and textiles to give a room a vibrant and eclectic.

Avoid matching your furniture to get a more natural look but do not over do it or a tastefully done room can look too themed or like a t.v. set.

Dark colored cast iron ironmongery would really give this style an authentic touch. Door hinges, handles, pulls and knobs should be from the same range. Wrought iron furniture and light fittings mixed in with your wooden objects capture the look perfectly.

Accessories always give life to a home, so choose and place them well to add the finishing touches to your wonderful rooms.Throws and colorful pottery along with accents of simple rustic objects give the Southwestern interior design look its raw and ready attraction.

Walls: I really love the rustic looking wall finishes. The simplicity is quite beautiful and the trick is to make your wall finish look very natural.

You can go for either a heavily textured wall or a smooth stucco plaster finish. It is entirely up to you as both look awesome and both true to this style.

The image on the right is of an Arizona style bathroom shows a stucco finish.

Southwestern interior design often has exposed natural stone brickwork within a room.

This technique is used to help keep the internal spaces as cool as possible.

The finished wall of texture is always unique and has an organic charm about it.

As a feature the stone work looks great around a fireplace as shown in the image below.

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Floors: traditionally were finished with terracotta tiles and today those are still used. Timber flooring also works great to recreate Southwestern interior design. Woven rugs add color and pattern to an area and add that authentic look. Rough cut tiles can be used in a random lay like those shown in the above right bathroom image or regular as shown in the image directly above. Keep tile tones/colors soft and neutral.

For a modern touch you could keep your flooring regular and simple similar to that you can see in the image of the living room below.

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