Spanish Interior Design

Decorating your home in the concept of Spanish interior design will create a wonderful Mediterranean feel to your space.

I have many happy childhood memories of family holidays in Spain, and recall each one with fondness. Spain and her islands are culturally rich and homes of traditional Spain function around the family.

The image of both hallways below, show how simple this design style is and how wonderfully, warm the spaces are. There is a rustic look and feel to Spanish interior design and therefore naturally creates a hearty, homely atmosphere.

This concept is easily achieved, so first gather all of your exciting ideas onto your mood board so that you have a clear, design direction. Your mood board acts as your guide as you work through your creation.


First things, first. To help you create a Spanish interior design, have a look at some Spanish artwork and flamenco dance. There are endless topics that could inspire you however, those two are a great start. The sensational work of Dali, Goya, Miro and Picasso will help you formulate lots of ideas that you could work into your design in imaginative ways.

The image of the living room below is a fantastic example of Spanish interior design. Lots of rough edges, nothing too perfect, exposed stonework and delightful, terracotta floor tiles that you would come to expect of a Spanish home.

Color: you could easily fill your home with lots of vibrant color to achieve the right look of this design style, or your could keep your palette neutral, to create the look that you can see in the images on this page.

Rustic colors: white, beige, terracotta, tan, caramel and soft amber.

Vibrant colors: yellow, orange, pink and blue.

The image I have put on the right, is of another living room area. Again the palette is neutral. This is the Spain I know.

Note how loving the space looks. It is inviting and comfortable. Similar to that of a farmhouse.

Key influences of this look can be found in traditional Arabian interior design.

Walls: your walls could be plaster skimmed with a white wash paint finish similar to that of this image on the right.

Textured walls work best for this concept so you could apply a specialized paint finish. To achieve the look of a plaster wall, typically found in Spain you could mix a polymer with a cement based plaster. You would then apply two coats of plastersheild 100% acrylic paint or laytex. Always create samples before diving into to make any big changes to your home.

TIP: Absolutely no wallpaper should be used for this concept.

The below images of the bedrooms are both magnificent examples to help you formulate your ideas. The sunny artwork that you can see below acts as an interesting headboard and makes a dynamic focal point.

Floor: for your floor, my advice is to install a good sized terracotta tile. Look at the flooring used in images I have put on this page for you. This is terracotta tiling and will help you achieve an authentic look for your Spanish interior design.

You could also have wooden floors should the tiling option be too cold for your home. Work out what would be right for you, as this will help you make some important design decisions.

Woven rugs will add a touch of color into your space and are comforting for your feet.

Below, left is a Spanish style staircase to let you see the kind of traditional tiling used in Spanish homes. Perhaps this a touch of Spain you could add into your design. The tiles come in lots of great colors and are often handmade, therefore two are never identical which adds lots of character to a space.

Decor: try to incorporate lots of solid, mid toned to deep, dark wooden furniture into your design. Worn, older pieces will help you get the look of your Spanish home decor right. You are creating a lived-in look, feel to your home.

The overall look is simple, therefore you should not have too many items. Make your spaces functional.

Wrought iron furniture; chairs, tables and shelving also work well with this design style.

Perhaps you could select an interesting piece of wall art made from metalwork or look for some original paintings of Spanish landscapes for your walls.

Lighting: The images above show fantastic examples of traditional wrought iron chandelier lighting. This type of fitting would look fabulous in your home. Be sure to hang it in the best place to complete your hacienda!

Wrought iron wall sconces, lanterns and candlesticks would all add to the look of your Spanish interior design.

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