Zen Interior Design

If you are looking for peace of mind had harmony then zen interior design is for you.

As with any concept, it's good to learn as much as possible about the style which you are particularly drawn to before committing to making changes in you home. In other words, do as much research as you can then you'll be sure about your choices and feel comfortable to make plans and spend your money.

Zen design ideas have been inspired from Japanese interiors, minimalistic interior design and ancient traditions. This concept is truly tranquil, well thought out and balance.

Creating zen interior design within your home is one that is in-sync with nature and the world around you. Zen at home encourages you relax, unwind and simply be at peace. It is for those reasons that many of the best luxurious spas and retreats incorporate this design style.


This type of concept is centered around relaxing colors, harmonious furniture arrangement and serene sound which make zen interior design the healthiest design option to have at home. The art of Feng Shui is often applied to zen interiors. Once you have completed your mood board and design ideas, perhaps you could have a Feng Shui professional advise you before making any big changes.

Color: I suggest you look to nature to help you build your color palette.

-white. off white. beige. sand

-tan. warm brown. burnt orange. amber

-soft grey. slate

-leafy green. jade

-cool blue. navy blue. denim blue


Do not be afraid to use color. Everything and anything can work. It is the way that it is all put together that matters.

Natural colors empathize with relaxation and can uplift and transport your thoughts to a state of peace that can contribute to a fuller imagination and more creativity.

TIP: Relaxing colors even help you dine better! Worth considering this point for your dining room

Walls: try to keep your walls bare, showing artwork that has been well placed in synchronization with your space.

Flat, smooth paint finished walls look great.

It is also possible to select a wallpaper however, this kind of feature would have to be an addition to the tranquility of your room so be careful to select the most agreeable type.

Below left shows a zen like kitchen space. It is minimalistic with clean, long leading edges. On the right you can see how the finishes work together. The timber floor color works perfectly with the bright, white surroundings.

You could add a few fabulous, large sized plants into these spaces to add a touch of life and warmth to your design.

Floor: the favored type of floor finish is hard. Therefore, timber flooring, bamboo, stone, polished concrete, porcelain tile and slate are great options. You could select a plush, flat carpet however, make sure it is devoid of pattern. No fuss.

I have added the above images to show you examples of hard finished flooring. Above left, is bamboo stained to mahogany and on the right you can see a stone tiles with a pebble floor border. Perhaps this idea could be designed into your room as a fantastic zen border unifying with nature.

The image of the living room below shows how balanced a zen room should be. Symmetry is often used to create a zen styled harmonious space.The use of color should always be to enhance the feeling and sense of well-being. The contrast between the orange, beige and light grey provides the room with specific subtleties that nurture in a very relaxing way.

Decor: a zen inspired home is about creating a union between the outdoors and indoors. Look for furniture and items made from natural materials; wood, bamboo, and sea-grass. Ultimately zen home decor helps you create a peaceful space that you will love to enjoy and that gives you the perfect excuse to relax.

Keep in mind that zen interior design is bound to the simplicity of minimal display of items. Good storage will help you clear your clutter so that beautiful, open, free spaces are formed.

Below is an image of a zen designed bedroom. Have a look at the lighting levels which add to the ambiance of this room. Not too bright! The finishes are simple and the tone is steady.

Accessorize your space with one or two Asian statues or deities, great leafy plants housed in stunning pots and simple artwork.

Fresh flowers look great in a zen room and are the simplest way to bring nature into your home. Place candles around your room and light them in during the evenings to create a feeling of comfort and instill calm to your environment.

Below are some good examples of the type of objects that you could possibly add into your zen home decor.

Lighting: try to design the lighting levels set mid to low. This will enhance the mood and relaxing atmosphere of your zen interior design. Diffused lighting, LED strip and concealed lighting would be beneficial components of your design. There should never be bright lighting used anywhere.  Keep everything subtle.

Below is an example of an open living space that has been developed with zen interior design. Very little on show, no clutter and few materials have been used to create this space. Each material has been positioned in a specific, clean angular way to hold this space together. The bathroom is open and therefore a certain kind of energy is created.

I sincerely hope this concept will help you to connect to your bliss, inner peace and happiness.

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